Miami Blues Charles WillefordIllustrations Ola Niepsuj

13 EUR Polish version

“Miami Blues” is unique for several reasons. In a return to the tradition of prose illustration, we are publishing what is the first in decades illustrated crime novel, in a translation of the phenomenal Robert Sudół. Ola Niepsuj has created unforgettable drawings in her unmistakable style, interpreting the atmosphere of the Sunshine State’s capital city, the local underworld, and the routines of the ageing hardboiled detective, Hoke Moseley. 

Charles Willeford


Ex-con Freddy ‘Junior’ Frenger lands in Miami with three stolen wallets and plans for a new life of crime, and leaves the airport with a snatched suitcase and the corpse of a Hare Krishna behind him. Homicidee detective Hoke Moseley is soon on his case, chasing the utterly immoral Junior and his hooker girlfriend through the Cuban ghettoes, luxury hotels and seedy suburban sprawl of Miami in a game of hide and seek that will leave Hoke beaten, robbed – but determined to get his man. 

With “Miami Blues” we are launching a series of Hoke Moseley novels which will be illustrated by some of the best up-and-coming Polish illustration artists, especially of the youngest generation.

Ola Niepsuj

Graphic artist and illustrator Ola Niepsuj was born in 1986 and educated in Poland and abroad, at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the first instance and in Portugal, at the Matosinos School of Art and Design and the University of Porto’s Faculty of Fine Arts in the latter. The diverse approaches to the teaching of drawing at those institutions has borne fruit in the characteristic style evident in Ola’s drawings. She is fascinated by the relationship between analogue and digital graphic art and is unafraid of introducing an element of surprise or ambiguity into her works, always accompanied by a dash of humour. Her stories-in-drawing and illustrations can be found in Polish and foreign magazines, including MaleMEN, Przekrój (Cross-Section) and Wprost (Direct), the American Put An Egg On It and the Italian Pig Magazine, as well as in text books and other publications for children.

Honza Zamojski
The book has been printed using two Pantone colours: turquoise, bringing to mind the Key Biscayne waters, and red, inspired by the Miami Beach flamingos. The hardcover book includes a Miami City plan drawn by Ola Niepsuj. “Miami Blues” comes only in Polish language version.
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Miami Blues

Charles Willeford

13 EUR Polish version
  • Editor: Anna Brzezińska
  • Translated by Robert Sudół
  • Ilustration and cover design: Ola Niepsuj
  • Graphics and layout: Honza Zamojski
  • Format: 14 x 20.5 cm, 224 pp.
  • Offset print, hardcover
  • ISBN 978-83-64353-06-2