New Hope for the Dead Charles WillefordIllustrations Mikołaj Moskal

13 EUR Polish version

"New Hope for the Dead" is the second book in the Mundin series of illustrated crime novels, coming to you in Robert Sudół’s brilliant translation. Filled with humour, the classic detective story by Charles Willeford, a true master of the genre, transports us again to the sultry neighbourhoods of Miami City, where not all wrongdoers get what they deserve. The intricate plot, with its at times absurd twists and turns, is complemented by symbolic and emblematic illustrations created by the young artist Mikołaj Moskal. The book comes bundled with a poster that is sure to make you think back to the slightly kitschy 1980s.

Charles Willeford


It’s early summer in Florida. The streets and boulevards of Miami are overfilling with immigrants and tourists, while the ranks of the police are shrinking due to foolish regulations. The dead body of a teenage junkie has been found in a posh neighbourhood, in his pockets a wallet with an invalid ID and the photo of a mongrel dog. The case is quickly classified as a lethal overdose, but detective Hoke Moseley begs to differ. Having to deal with an overambitious boss, the dead boy’s seductive stepmother, and the two teenage daughters of his own, Moseley manages to solve the case, reversing his tough luck in the process.

Mikołaj Moskal

Mikołaj Moskal (b. 1985) practices sculpture, drawing and graphic design. He is preoccupied with the process of information gathering and inspiration, on the basis of which he builds his highly iconographic representations. The intellectual and manual processes are preceded by what he calls ‘sensory intuition’. Working primarily in distemper on paper, Moskal uses lines and patches to create smooth, textureless surfaces, their composition always pared-down and conclusive. Graduate of the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach in Frankfurt am Main. Co-founder of the New Roman collective. Collaborates with Starter Gallery. 

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New Hope for the Dead

Charles Willeford

13 EUR Polish version
  • Editor: Anna Brzezińska
  • Translated by Robert Sudół
  • Ilustration and cover design: Mikołaj Moskal
  • Graphics and layout: Honza Zamojski
  • Format: 14 x 20.5 cm, 288 pp.
  • Offset print, hardcover
  • ISBN 978-83-64353-10-9